Covermate Easy - Hot Tub Spa Cover Lifter

  • £249.99

Price includes post and packing.

The Covermate Easy will make putting your spa / hot tub cover on and off...well...EASY!

And it really is easy, just fold into the middle and pull back...anyone can do it!

You need as little as 18'' clearance is behind your spa / hot tub and the Covermate Easy fits hot tubs up to 8ft square.

The design is attractive with a sleek, low profile, ergonomic look that compliments any hot tub. No more dragging the cover and ripping it to bits. Reduce the wear and tear and keep your hot tub cover in great condition and add to its longevity.

The Covermate Easy Cover Lifter is made of powder-coated, aluminum tubing with easy-to-install, non-corrosive mounting brackets and comes with screw caps and bolt caps for a neat finish!

It also benefits from having durable, corrosion-free nylon catch straps which provide a more stylish look, as compared to the chains you find on many cover lifters.

It's easy to fit. Simply attach the covermate brackets onto the bottom of your hot tub or directly onto your decking. This comes with the added bonus of hidden screw holes or no screws into your hot tub at all! The Covermate Easy puts minimal strain on your spa cabinet, as all the weight can be put onto decking or the strong bottom rim of your hot tub.

Simply build the frame, attach the brackets, attach the straps onto your cabinet and there you have it. No more struggling or dragging your hot tub cover around....Easy!

Comes standard with a TowelMate accessory for hanging up to three towels right where you need them most.

Please note - Does not suit Round or Octagonal Hot Tubs.

Order today and we'll get your cover lifter dispatched and it will be with you in no time.

We also supply HOT TUB COVERS, both standard sizes and made-to-measure, please contact us with your requirements on 01536 420400.

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