Grit Gitter – Underwater Hand-Held Spa Vac

  • £34.99


Here’s a quick, easy and convenient way to remove grit and debris from those awkward, hard to get to places in your spa, hot tub or splasher pool....

Anyone who uses a hot tub, spa or splasher pool knows that you will get grit and other unwanted debris collecting on the bottom, often in corners and other awkward, hard to get to places. How can you remove this debris without emptying the tub or splasher pool? Available today from Discount Pool Store here's your quick and easy to use solution....The Grit-Gitter Underwater Vacuum. It's great for vacuuming spas, hot tubs and splasher pools.

It gets the grit while you sit! If you notice debris while you are sitting in your tub or splasher pool, you don't need to get out to clean it up. The Grit-Gitter floats in your tub/pool and is always at hand. The Grit-Gitter can also vacuum your filter compartment and be used to collect things floating on the top of the water.

Cleans easily! Not only does the Grit-Gitter make cleaning easy, it is also easy to clean. Just empty the contents outside of your tub/pool and rinse the screen.

Order yours today! The Grit-Gitter is so easy to use...there's nothing to hook up, nothing to plug in and it doesn't require batteries. All in all a really handy tool. Comes with complete instructions. Order today and we'll get your Grit-Gitter packed and posted and it will be with you in no time.

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