Splasher Pool Water Treatment Starter Kit

  • £44.99

Price includes post & packing.

Everything you need to maintain safe, clean water in one handy kit and including a comprehensive 'Above Ground Pool Care Guide' Guide....

If you have a small inflatable type splasher pool, typically 8ft - 10ft round, it is important that you treat the water. You should never use your pool without first checking that it is adequately chlorinated. This water treatment pack provides all you need, including a comprehensive guide.  Buy an established brand - RELAX - one of the most respected names in the industry.

Splasher Pools Water Treatment Starter Pack contents -

500g Stabilised Chlorine Granules - this fast dissolving disinfectant rapidly destroys bacteria when used on a daily basis.

750g pH Minus - These granules, when dissolved will reduce high pH levels in the pool water.

500g pH Plus - This product will increase the pH levels in pool water when they are below 7.2.

500ml Algicide - for regular algae control. 

Chlorine/pH Test Strips (25) - These simple test strips will help you to maintain the correct levels of pH and chlorine in your water.

Measuring Spoons.

Comprehensive Guide - All you need to know about Splasher Pool maintenance.

Order today and we'll get your Splasher Pool Water Treatment Starter Pack posted and it will be with you in no time.

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