Spa and Hot Tub Flush 0.5 litres

  • £21.99

Price includes post & packing.

Spa & Hot Tub Flush - Concentrated System & Pipework Cleaner - 0.5 litres - Deep clean the unseen areas in your tub where bacteria thrives.

Hot tubs and spas are prone to a build-up of organic film that attaches itself to pipework surfaces. This film, commonly known as Biofilm, can harbour bacteria and adversely affect the quality of spa / hot tub water. Biofilm is highly resistant to both chlorine and bromine. Our Spa & Hot Tub Flush is an advanced formulation designed to help remove Biofilm. Your hot tub / spa should be treated with Spa & Hot Tub Flush prior to dumping and refilling your water.

Here we are offering 1 x 0.5 litres Spa & Hot Tub Flush from our own respected 'Discount Pool Store' brand at a heavily discounted price giving you excellent value for money. This is a premium, quality product and should not be compared with cheap, inferior products. We have thousands of satisfied customers and you can buy with complete confidence.

Get yours today and we'll get it packed and posted and it will be with you in no time.

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