Scale & Metal Magnet 400g

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Scale and Metal Magnet Tablets are highly concentrated tablets formulated to prevent pool surface discolouration.

Scale & Metal Magnet works by sequestering minerals, thus preventing unsightly calcium and metal deposits from precipitating on your pool walls and floor.

Please note: Scale & Metal Magnet is a preventative. If you need to remove existing stains you will need to use a Multi-Stain Remover.

Directions for Use

1) Adjust pH to 7.2 - 7.6.

2) Remove tablet from the plastic wrapper.

3) For effective use, place tablets in the skimmer after every backwash.

Initial Dose: 2 tablets per 11,000 gallons

Subsequent Dose: 1 tablet per 11,000 gallons after every backwash.

Always follow the instructions on the container.

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