Filter & Cartridge Cleaner, Clarifier, No Foam, Swirl Away Combi-Pack

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Money Saving Combi-Pack for Hot Tub Owners - Filter & Cartridge Cleaner, Clarifier, No Foam, Swirl Away Combi-Pack

Available in Single or Twin Packs - see drop down menu above

Filter & Cartridge Cleaner (0.5 litres)

It's important to maintain a clean and healthy filtration system whether in a pool or spa. Part of regular maintenance is the cleaning of sand or cartridges within the filter. Filter & Cartridge Cleaner is designed to help with this cleaning process. Offered together with....

Spa Clarifier (0.5 litres) - an advanced water polisher

From time to time the water in your spa or hot tub may lose it's sparkle. Our spa clarifier will help to restore the sparkle/polish to the water. Works in a similar way to Polysheen or Spa Sparkle. Offered together with....

Spa No Foam (0.5 litres) - eliminates foaming from spa and hot tub water

Cosmetics, soaps and oils, if allowed to build up in water will result in foaming. The simple addition of Spa No Foam will eliminate unwanted foam from spa water surfaces. (Spas experiencing excessive foaming should be drained and re-filled).

These products are from our own respected 'DiscountPoolStore' brand at a heavily discounted price giving you excellent value for money. These are premium, quality products and should not be compared with cheap, inferior products. We have thousands of satisfied customers and you can buy with complete confidence. Plus...

Swirl Away (475ml/16oz) - Hot Tub / Spa and Whirlpool Pipe Cleaner

Swirl Away is the original Hot Tub / spa pipe cleaner but now benefits from a new stronger biogradable formula and is designed to remove all internal plumbing build up. Cleans where you can't see. Use every water change. This bottle should do two doses, so if you change your water every three months this bottle should last you for six months. A 'must have' product for every spa / hot tub owner. Full directions on the bottle.

Available in Single or Twin Combi Packs - see drop down menu above.

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