Curved Vac Head with Brushes for Liner Swimming Pools

  • £22.99

This Curved Vac Head is suitable for use on liner pools and its curved shape makes it ideal for cleaning circular or oval shaped pools. It has stiff nylon bristles on the side and underside which will loosen any debris from the pool floor, allowing your pool's pump to draw it up through your vac hose. This curved vac head attaches to a standard telescopic pole by way of a butterfly clip (clip included). The weight of the vac head combined with the suction keeps it on the floor of your pool as you move it around ensuring an effective clean.

This Curved Vac Head is offered at a discounted price giving you excellent value for money.

This is a quality product and should not be compared with cheap, inferior products. We have thousands of satisfied customers and you can buy with complete confidence.

Price includes post & packing.

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