Concentrated Phosphate Remover 1 litre

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This Concentrated Phosphate Remover removes essential algae nutrients from pool water. No phosphates equals no algae.

Phosphate Instructions

Use Phosphate Strips to test pool water. If the test result indicates a phosphate level in excess of 100ppb (100 parts per billion) apply Concentrated Phosphate Remover as follows:

Initial Treatment - 250ml per 50 cubic metres (11,000 gal) pool water.

On-going Treatment - 100ml per 50 cubic metres every 2 weeks.

1) Shake before use.

2) Ensure pool circulation pump is running.

3) Slowly pour the required quantity into your pool skimmer.

4) Operate pool circulation pump continuously, backwash filter 24 hours after application.

5) Resume normal pool filtration.

6) Test pool water phosphate level every 2 weeks and apply Concentrated Phosphate Remover if test result indicates a level in excess of 100ppb.

Please note: Pool water may cloud over temporarily immediately after applying this product.

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