Multi Pool Chlorine Granules (includes algicide & clarifier) 5kg

  • £44.99

Multi Pool Chlorine Granules – Multi Functional Chlorine Granules with Stabiliser, Algicide and Clariifer.

Proper disinfection is essential to ensure that pool / spa water is safe for bathing. Multi-Pool Chlorine Granules - More than a pool water sanitiser, this multiple formulation performs the following tasks....

Rapid dissolving chlorine granules to destroy bacteria.

Algicide to deter green water (algae growth).

Clarifier to ensure your pool water remains crystal clear.

Easy to use and effective.

These 'DiscountPoolStore' Multi Pool Chlorine Granules are offered at a discounted price giving you excellent value for money.

This is a premium, quality product and should not be compared with cheap, inferior products. We have thousands of satisfied customers and you can buy with complete confidence.

Price includes post & packing.

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