Swim Spa The Dynamic

  • £18,300.00

The Dynamic Swim Spa is a new addition to the Sport Collection. Dual-zone with the swim zone benefiting from Passion Spas’ unique River Swim System™ and Current-lift Technology™.

Swim Spa Dynamic £18300.00

Swim Spa Dynamic Deep £21300.00 (see drop down menu above)

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The new Dynamic Swim Spa is an excellent blending of two worlds. On one side you have all the comfort and therapy benefits of the Pleasure hot tub, on the other side the swim function that is equipped with Passion Spas’ unique River Swim System™ and Current-lift Technology™.


The River Swim system exists of 5 large swim jets, positioned linear to each other, creating a steady flow of water over the entire width of the swim spa. You can control the intensity of the water stream, and when doing so, the flow is equally divided over the whole width of the current. Because this unique technique, the water stream covers a wide area and is effectively positioned below the water surface, enabling you to swim with your head comfortably above water. If you decrease the intensity of the River Swim System, the Current-Lift Technology is automatically activated, enabling the swimmer to remain in the prone position.

Swim Spa Dynamic Passion Spas

  • Dimensions Standard: 590 x 227 x 126 cm 
  • Dimensions Deep: 590 x 227 x 155 cm 
  • Number of Seats: 7 
  • Number of loungers: 1 
  • Total Massage Jets: 56 
  • Turbo Swim Jets: 5 
  • Floor Swim Jets: 2 
  • Synergy Water Maintenance System 
  • Energy EfficientFiltration Pump 
  • Starbrite Interior LED light System 
  • Wi-Fi Ready 
  • Hybrid Heating™ 
  • Capacity Standard: 10500 L 
  • Dry Weight Standard: 1300 KG 
  • Capacity Deep: 12500 L 
  • Dry Weight Deep: 1500 KG 
  • Current-Lift Technology™

Please note: Specifications may vary slightly due to a programme of continual improvement. Please confirm at ordering.

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